DECEMBER 2, 2016

Get Ready, #WFCRiga Starts Tomorrow!

Get Ready, #WFCRiga Starts Tomorrow!

Zac Rendell

Get ready to watch the World Floorball Championships 2016 in Riga! The matches can be viewed on youtube. See details below. Also view information on the IFF app to stay up to date on all the information. For added excitement, check out Floorball Fantasy near the bottom of the page.

Team Canada Schedule and Streams:
Canada vs. Singapore - 11 AM EST: https://youtu.be/iQw5BOckufM 
Canada vs. USA - 8:15 AM EST: https://youtu.be/L-53cBaHrmU 
Canada vs. Thailand - 8 AM EST: https://youtu.be/YwSCX2_I5bA 

Men's WFC 2016 starts
The 11th Men´s World Floorball Championships (WFC) Final Round is played in Riga, Latvia on December 3rd - 11th 2016. A total of 34 teams played in the WFC Qualifications to decide the 15 teams to qualify to the Event. Latvia, as the organiser, is automatically qualified. The WFC is played with 16 teams.The two best teams of group A and B go directly to the quarter-final. Teams placed 3rd and 4th in group A and B and the teams placed 1st and 2nd in group C and D make it to the first playoff round (played before the quarter-finals). The WFC 2016 will also act as a qualifying event for The World Games 2017. 

Read the team presentations here:
Group A                                 
Group B                                   
Group C                             
Group D

Men's WFC 2016 Mobile App
Get all the Men's WFC 2016 results, stats, news, Instagram photos, #floorball & #WFCRiga tweets and YouTube live matches directly to your iOS or Android device. Guess the results, collect points and win ASICS shoes!

More on the Mobile App. 

WFC 2016 TV Matches and Co-Operation with Olympic Channel
All in all, 29 tv matches around the world will be broadcast at the moment. There will be close to 15 countries broadcasting the event in one way or the other. All the WFC 2016 matches will also be streamed on the IFF Youtube Channels (IFF Channel 1 & IFF Channel 2) and on The World Games Channel.

In efforts to increase visibility for the sport, IFF and the Olympic Channel recently announced a cooperation agreement. As part of the agreement, the Olympic Channel will live stream 33 hours of competition from the Men’s World Floorball Championships 2016, including the final match, to a global audience on its digital platform.

Read more here and here

Build your own WFC 2016 team via FloorballFantasy!
FloorballFantasy launched the first floorball fantasy game based on a World Floorball Championships. The WFC 2016 will act as a test event.
Floorballfantasy.com is based on real results from the Men´s World Floorball Championship 2016 and it’s completely free. You need to register an account to participate and by doing that you will get a virtual team, a budget and for that budget you can buy players from all the participating national teams.

Your team consists of 11 spots which include 1 goalkeeper, 4 defenders and 6 forwards. If these players perform well during their real games they will be more valuable and cost more in the next round. Each round you will have the possibility to transfer new players, but each transfer will cost you money from your overall budget.

Read more here

Source: www.iffwfc.org



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