MAY 27, 2016

A Look at U19 Men's Tryouts - Canada Cup

A Look at U19 Men's Tryouts - Canada Cup

Zac Rendell

Today at the Canada Cup, the high school tournament took a break so the floorballers of the future could tryout for the U19 Men’s Team Canada. Coaches, Tyler Brush and Matt Smith, ran the tryout for 20 young men. This was the first tryout since Brush and Smith were named coaches last week.

Smith, “We are definitely going to have more tryouts. This was just a great opportunity to see some of the young talent here this weekend.” Even though Smith and Brush are well known in their Ottawa and Cambridge floorball communities respectively, athletes and parents from across Ontario had the opportunity to meet the knew coaches as well.
Even though it is early in the men’s U19 program, coaches are on the lookout for some goalkeepers to tryout. “We didn’t think we had any but fortunately we had one come out and welcome any more to tryout in the future,” Brush commented.
The upcoming U19 team will be competing in Växjö, Sweden, in 2017 and is looking very hopeful. A few athletes trying out for the U19 team also boast enough skill to be participating in the men’s senior team program. For example, Felix Robillard, 18 years old, played in the last U19 championships during 2013 in Helsingborg, Sweden, where Canada placed 13th. He also led the scoring in the Americas World Championship Qualifier this past February when he played for the men’s senior team.
Today showcased a lot of talent that Canada has when it comes to youth floorball. Brush expressed, “I was very encouraged seeing the talent out there. We’re looking like we’ll have a strong team already."
For more information on the U19 program, please contact matt.smith@ottawablizzard.com. For more information on the U19 champinoships, visit http://www.floorball.org/pages/EN/Mens-U19-WFC-2017.


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