Current Division:

   Elite: Canada Cup 2017

UPDATED Canada Cup 2017 Schedule

Please see the link below for the offical 2017 Canada Cup Schedule. Please note that the schedule is subject to change at the committees discretion for any conflicts. 

Canada Cup 2017 Official Schedule


**Please note it is mandatory for all participants to be recreational Floorball Canada members.** - Those participating in the high school division will be excluded and those participating in the Elite division will need to be competitive members. For more information click here.  Memberships will be collected via the Floorball Canada website. Each player is responsible for ensuring they have registered for a membership before the tournament.


Address: 1495 Sandalwood Pkwy E, Brampton, ON L6R 0K2


May 9, 2017 – Team rosters are due. Teams are responsible to ensure that all players have valid Floorball Canada memberships and are registered on the team.  

How to Register:

Roster Submission by Manager – Once a team is registered, Managers must submit a team roster. Using your esportsdesk user account, Managers can send invitations to all players, which invites them to join the team, agree to a Floorball Canada waiver and purchase a membership. For help with this step, please see this walkthrough.

Player Invite acceptance – Once a player has received an invitation from the team Manager, they must register accept the invitation for the team individually. All players must be registered with a valid membership before May 9, 2017. Please see this walkthrough for information on how to register for a membership and a team. If you already have a valid Floorball membership then you already have an exisiting esportsdesk user account. If you have recieved the invitation from your manager through a different email address, then you must use existing esportsdesk account. Simply have your manager resend the invitation to your correct email address so you will not have to purchase another Floorball Canada membership.


The Canada Cup is proud to announce its official hotel partners! Working alongside the Brampton Accommodation Sport Initiative Groups (BASIG), we have secured several affordable options for teams that are looking for accommodation. Please view this link to see the amazing deals we have secured!

We are excited to see you and the entire Canadian floorball community in May. Check out our Canada Cup FAQ for more information.

Thank you,
Vikrant Saili
Canada Cup Floorball Championship