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Floorball Canada is excited to announce that Cambridge Floorball Club will host the 2020 Canada Cup Floorball Championships. The Canada Cup has a rich history of providing a high class floorball event to its participants and fans each year, and Floorball Canada is excited to have CFC continue uphold this tradition.

CFC president and Canadian national team player Tyler Brush will be heading up the local organizing committee along with former Canadian national team general manager, Simon Roethlisberger and current national team assistant general manager Joshua McGillivray.

Please join us in congratulating Cambridge Floorball Club on this honour.



We recently sat down with Tournament Co-ordinator Tyler Brush to chat with him regarding the news and get his view on the growth of Floorball in Canada.


Interviewer: Congrats on the honour of running the 2020 Canada Cup Tournament. How do you feel about being chosen to take the tournament into the new decade?

Brush: Thanks so much! Our whole club and organizing committee is extremely excited to take on this new venture and help the sport of floorball ultimately grow in Canada. Our CFC club has participated in the tournament since 2009 and have always looked forward to the event each year


Interviewer: You and your organizing team are all heavily involved with floorball, whether at the national or local level, why did you as a group want to take on another venture with floorball?

Brush: In all honesty it was not something I had on my radar initially. Being as involved in floorball as I am, I had little interest in adding another thing to my plate. My fellow tournament committee members (and good friends), Simon and Josh actually came to me with the idea. We chatted about the possibility and brain stormed some ideas. The more we talked about it the more excited I became about the possibility. We eventually decided that we knew we could really do a great job and ultimately help the game at the grassroots level within Canada.


Interviewer: Where do you see the tournament going? What plans do you have to help it get there?

Brush: I know at its peak that the CC was hosting somewhere around 70+ teams, so we would like to get it back to that level. Of course this will not happen in one year, but we hope to put alot of the foundation pieces in this year to help it get back to that level. The Rexdale group that had been organizing the past few years did a great job, so alot of the pieces are already in place. We’ll just look to build off of that. We have alot of cool ideas to help raise the tournament appeal, but you’ll have to wait and see what those are haha!


Interviewer: What does your organizing group bring to the table? Why did Floorball Canada feel comfortable moving forward with CFC hosting?

Brush: That might be a question you need to ask FC, but I now we bring a lot of experience and knowledge within the event planning and the floorball realm. Simon and Josh have both been in management roles with Floorball Canada national teams, which take a lot of organization and planning. Josh and I have been running a successful floorball league and club in Cambridge for 10 years now.  All three of us have seen floorball on the international level and know the level of play and competition that comes from a high end tournament. I think our contacts overseas don’t hurt either!


Interviewer: Finally, any tidbits of info about the tournament you can divulge?

Tyler: We have a lot of cool things planned. At this point we are still in the planning process, but we do hope to add in a few new things to the tournament to add to the appeal.


Interviewer: Anything you can share with us now?

Well one of the major changes will be the divisions offered in the tournament. Our plan is to implement two new kid’s divisions, U14 and U10, to slowly integrate and encourage youth floorball teams to form and enter each year. We also are planning to have an International Division which will be open to any European club teams or national teams to compete in. The Canadian men’s national team has already agreed to play in this division and we hope to draw in a few more teams to play against them. These games will be our feature games and will be played on the evenings of the Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

We are also in the process of coordinating professional photographers and production companies to be onsite to record and photograph games.

We hope things like that will entice people to want to play and participate.


Interviewer: Sounds like some great ideas, we are excited to see how it all works out. Thanks so much for your time and we look forward to the tournament this May.

Brush: Appreciate it.


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