Floorball is similar to hockey in the sense that the goal is to put the ball in the opposing team’s net while preventing the other team from doing the same.
So what’s different about floorball?
  • There is no stick checking, lifting, pinning or hacking. Players have to use their positioning to go for the ball, as opposed to the stick or the opposing player’s body. If contact is made to the player or their stick, a free hit is awarded to the player who was hit, similar to soccer.
  • Sticks must stay below the waist when shooting, and the stick must be below knee level when making contact with the ball.
  • No pushing, shoving or checking. Incidental shoulder-to-shoulder contact is permitted when battling for a loose ball.
  • You cannot play the ball with your hands, arms, or head.
  • There are no offside or icing calls
  • Infractions will either result in a free-hit or a 2-minute penalty depending on the nature of the foul.
Official games are played 5 on 5 plus a goalie for each team (can be played with as few as 3 per side plus a goalie). Similar to hockey, the goalie can be pulled for an additional player.
The length of the game is comprised of three 20-minute periods
Substitutions may be made on-the-fly
Stick interference – lifting, slashing, holding
High stick – making contract with the ball using their stick above knee level, or raising stick above the waist at any time (backswing or follow-through)
Hands – use of hands to play or touch the ball
Feet – use of feet to pass to another player (allowed to kick the ball once onto their own stick)
Head – playing the ball with your head
Jump – players must have at least one foot on the floor when touching the ball
Playing from the ground – players cannot go down on two knees to make plays or block shots
Playing your stick between another player’s legs – not permitted (results in a free-hit)
Illegal distance – defensive players (on their sticks) cannot be within 3 meters of the ball on a free-hit
Crease violation – defensive players (including their sticks) cannot be inside the goalie create (can lead to either a penalty shot or free-hit)
Video rulebook: http://www.floorballpro.com/shop/pages.php?pageid=24


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